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Dorata Property Investments is a boutique property agency selling unique and quality properties to those who appreciate a high standard of build and the best land for building and development on the Mid North Coast.

Dorata Property Investments exclusively sells the properties of its parent company, Golden Key Homes Pty Ltd, who are Master builders with over 50 years experience in the local area, as well as property developers.

We spend time with our clients taking them through our properties and explaining in detail the extra features that go in to a Golden Key Homes build that make it stand out from the rest. No one understands the extra work that goes in to these properties like we do, and we go above and beyond to show clients the difference between a standard build and a quality build.

Our land choices are always in prime positions, offering clients the assurance of an excellent investment for the short and long term.

Ensure you contact Dorata Property Investments for expert advice on any of our properties. We are happy to help at any time.

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